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The Bugman’s Great Escape is our very own children’s story, created especially for Doorstep Library by writer Scott Perry, illustrator Peter Reynolds and designer Michael Smith of Clout Branding. Through the story of Alex it sums up perfectly why we do what we do. At the moment, the book is complete – written, illustrated, formatted, ready for print – it simply needs publishing.

By printing it we aim to:

  1. Raise £20,000 to take the charity to the next level, building on our success by expanding our libraries through London
  2. Encourage low income children to embrace books and reading
  3. Attract more donors, sponsors and volunteers by spreading the message of what we do. For each new volunteer, an additional ten children can benefit from our programme.

All donations of over £15 will receive a copy of the book signed by both author and illustrator!

What’s The Bugman’s Great Escape about?

A young boy of eight, Alex, is in more danger than he knows. Obsessed by insects, but in trouble almost everywhere else, he hurls his most cherished possession out of the window. It lands in a puddle. He bursts into tears. His whole future rests on what happens next.

What makes a boy do such a thing? This story is about the power of words to take us places we never imagined we could go.

For more info, to donate or to read the whole story please click here