Text Donations Soared to Record High Last Year

Donations to charity by text message rose by almost two-thirds last year to a record high of almost £66m, according to new figures. Find out more here.

Risk Assessment During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

This latest update from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) aims to help organisations to assess the risks and continue to reduce COVID-19 transmission. It includes links to information on vaccination, as well as on testing and tracking and tracing. Click here to read the full update.

Vodafone Launches FREE Data Scheme for Registered UK Charities

Civil Society have reported that Vodafone has launched charities.connected, an initiative allowing UK charities to apply for free data. The aim is to help individuals and families supported by charities, as well as enable organisations to improve their own digital capacity. Read the article here.

Social Investors Promise Changes to Address Barriers for Minoritised Ethnic Communities

Civil Society have reported that Access – The Foundation for Social Investment (Access), Social Investment Business (SIB), and Power to Change, commissioned a report, Minoritised Ethnic Community and Social Enterprises, to understand how well they are supporting organisations from minoritised ethnic communities. Read the article here.

NCVO & ACEVO Start Joint Project on The Future of Flexible Working

Civil Society have reported that the project will be chaired by Becky Hewitt, former chief executive of the charity Changing Faces, who said that the pandemic had shown that charities ‘urgently need to change our attitude to flexible working’. Read the article here.

Services & Classes at H&F Age UK

Find out about services and classes at H&F Age UK here. To join a class, simply call 0207 386 9085 to book and enrol at our reception.

New forum: Community Connect Hammersmith and Fulham

On the 26th July 2021 a launch event of a new forum – “Community Connect Hammersmith and Fulham” was held at the Sobus Dawes Road Hub, by locally based organisation, People Arise Now (PAN) in collaboration with Sobus.

Community Connect Hammersmith and Fulham aims to bring together organisations, residents, local businesses within our borough to create better partnerships, better visibility and services through change.

PAN and Sobus invited a number of local organisations, residents and officers all have expressed an interest in working collectively on common local issues and concerns.

If you would like further information and wish to be part of the forum. Please join here

For invitation to the next event scheduled to be held on Tuesday 31st August at 11am, please contact either Sarah or Sharon by emailing sarah@peoplearisenow.org, sharon.tomlin@sobus.org.uk

Sobus Has Access to a Large Database of Funders to Assist in Your Funding Searches

As part of our offer, we buy in to Grantfinder, one of the largest databases of Funders in the UK. So, remember when you look at our Funding Alert it may only be providing some of what is available. 

With Grantfinder we can do a specific search according to your needs. How it works is that: 

  • You need to specify the type of organisation you are e.g. a charity. 
  • You have to say where you operate – that is Hammersmith and Fulham – or a part of it. 
  • We need to be clear about what it is you do and who benefits, for example “running arts classes for older people.” 
  • We also need to know what the funding will be used for, and the amount of money you are seeking. 

That final bullet point is important. All funders give monies because of specific needs, so they want to know how the money will be used and what will be achieved to alleviate those needs. The probable achievement is important to them in making their decision. Most funders in their own evaluation will need to show what money has been given and what has been achieved with it. They also take great pride in announcing what they have achieved themselves! 

The other point to remember is that funders all have different criteria and ways of managing applications against their criteria. Sometimes this can be hard on groups because they miss something in their application. The devil is in the detail. So, knowing what the funder requires, specifying the activity you wish to fund and being clear how the monies will be used to ensure that activity brings success is all important. 

So please remember we have this database and please get in touch if you need us to complete a search for you. You can email me direct at nigel.jacques@sobus.org.uk 

Nigel Jacques  

Hypertension in Young Adults – Understanding the Silent Killer

NHS Digital data reports that 14% of men and 11% of women in the UK have untreated high blood pressure (hypertension). Young adults make up a minority in these figures but many are still at risk due to poor diet, family medical history, and lifestyle factors that, if not managed, can lead to more serious complications in later life.

For a useful guide called “What young adults need to know about high blood pressure”, Click here  

It contains useful information such as:

  • What young people should know about hypertension – what causes it, important statistics in the UK, the COVID-19 risk factor, and how this condition affects the body in the long term.
  • Managing high blood pressure – How to seek medical help and advice to diagnose this condition, questions to ask your GP, diet and lifestyle changes to make, and risk factors during pregnancy.
  • Essential advice for those struggling to handle the condition mentally, opening up to family and friends, and understanding the non-health side effects (e.g. driving or insurance policy requirements).
  • Links to other useful medical resources and organisations to support people of all ages who are living with hypertension.

Fundraisers Urged to be Cautious Over Covid Risk in New Guidance from Regulator & CIoF

Civil Society have reported that the Fundraising Regulator and Chartered Institute of Fundraising (CIoF) have suggested charities take ‘a cautious approach’, in new guidance following the loosening of coronavirus restrictions. Read the article here.