The Inaugural National Healthcare Expo

The National Healthcare Expo has a singular focus — Bring together regulatory officials, senior executives from Public and Private Hospitals, healthcare managers, pharma executives, medical technology companies, GP’s, Dentists, mental health executives, researchers, medical professionals, department heads etc to create an innovative, efficient and sustainable healthcare industry through knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The 100+speaker line up is drawn from senior management and experts from across the healthcare industry that are pushing the boundaries in driving improvements and innovations in the UK and global healthcare industry.

As well as an action packed conference, over 60 exhibitors will be on hand to guide and inform our delegates about medical equipment, technology, medicines and services,

Key topics will include:

R&D, Data, Connect Patient, A&E, Sustainable healthcare, Pharma, Medtech, Mental Health, Animal Health, Nutrition, Health and wellness, Midwifery, Change Management, IOT, pharmacology, Patient wellbeing, midwifery, surgical, technology, hygiene, Primary Care, Financing, Personel, E-rostering, healthcare systems, homecare, life sciences,, Digital health, Integrated care, Clinical trials, Health leadership- health, health informatics, radiology, performance management, Safety and quality, community based practise, Skills and training, insurance, early intervention, addiction, mental illness, early intervention, addiction, mental illness, Health Education Mobile health, lean , behaviour , safe food, healthcare costs, dental, safety, innovation,, Palliative Care

Get ahead of your peers, and participate in the National Healthcare Expo for a engaging and thought-provoking event

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The event is also collocated with these other events in order to bring the whole health sector into one room. In total 2000 delegates, 120 exhibitors and 100 speakers will attend the one-day event. Delegates are free to move between events.

The National Lifesciences Expo

The National Pharma and BioPharma Expo


The National Healthcare Expo

To attend any of the events simply register on the website that interests you. Feel free to pass on the complimentary invitation to colleagues, clients etc.

10th July , 2018 12:00 AM   through   12:00 AM
Arena MK
Stadium Way
Milton Keynes, LON MK1 1ST
United Kingdom

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