Health & Wellbeing Forum

Health and wellbeing is without doubt, one of the key underlying themes of the work of most VCS organisations in the borough.  Countless organisations provide a myriad of information, services and support to local residents, from physical exercise, support for those with specific health conditions, and a huge range of support for all forms of emotional wellbeing, from those experiencing loneliness and isolation, to those with ongoing mental health difficulties.

We are pleased therefore to relaunch the Sobus VCS Health & Wellbeing Forum, which is open to all voluntary and community groups in Hammersmith & Fulham.  The forum will have two areas of focus:

  1. Providing the opportunity to share your feedback, experiences and thoughts on local services, get updates on changes in health and care that will affect local communities, and to find out how you can be involved in shaping these.


  1. Providing the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the strategic development of local services, including the Integrated Care Partnership

Our next meeting on Tuesday 12th October will look at the Integrated Care Partnership, and how local organisations can get involved.  In 2018, as the ICP was beginning, at a series of workshops with the VCS it was agreed that Sobus would represent the sector in the ICP, and we attend both the ICP Board and Operational Group meetings. However, with work now picking up pace, we need to ensure that organisations are directly engaged in the ICP in order to inform and influence how the different strands of work develop.

Come along to the VCS Health & Wellbeing Forum on 12th October at 1pm to find out how you can be involved in:

  • ICP structure and areas of work
  • “Care closer to home” and how health services can be more joined up.

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New forum: Community Connect Hammersmith and Fulham

On the 26th July 2021 a launch event of a new forum – “Community Connect Hammersmith and Fulham” was held at the Sobus Dawes Road Hub, by locally based organisation, People Arise Now (PAN) in collaboration with Sobus.

Community Connect Hammersmith and Fulham aims to bring together organisations, residents, local businesses within our borough to create better partnerships, better visibility and services through change.

PAN and Sobus invited a number of local organisations, residents and officers all have expressed an interest in working collectively on common local issues and concerns.

If you would like further information and wish to be part of the forum. Please join here

For invitation to the next event scheduled to be held on Tuesday 31st August at 11am, please contact either Sarah or Sharon by emailing,

What Impact are Lockdowns Having on Children and Young People’s Mental Health?

When: Wednesday, 17th March 2021      Where: Royal National Hotel, London      Time:  08:30 – 16:00


Our seventh national CPD accredited conference will assess how the crisis’ in children and young people’s mental health services have been compounded by COVID-19, identifying solutions and the transferable benefits provided by virtual platforms – such as streamlining access to clinicians, as well as benefits to CAMHS service providers, including strengthened multidisciplinary working as a result of more regular meetings between teams – that can be carried over to the post-COVID world; both for service users and professionals.

The programme will also equip delegates with knowledge of emerging trends in the interaction between online platforms for gaming, gambling and addiction in children and young people, as well as tackling issues with access to services, funding and legislating to support CAMHS and service users.

If you are interested but are not quite ready to book then why not ask us to hold you a place using the button below while the funding is approved. If you are good to go why not register your place(s) today to ensure that you do not miss out.

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The Impact that Covid-19 has had on Student’s Mental Health

When: Thursday, 22nd April 2021      Where: The Royal National Hotel, London       Time:  08:30 – 16:35


COVID-19 has intensified dislocation amongst campus communities, propelled healthcare students onto the front line of a global pandemic and upended traditional teaching models; but it will pass – and when it does, preexisting issues will resurface compounded. This conference will break-down the cultures, economic factors, social and institutional pressures that contributed to dramatic rises in disclosures of mental health issues and student suicides at universities in the UK – providing delegates with the knowledge and tools to ensure that students return to campuses better equipped after the pandemic.

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The New Patient Safety Programme

When: Tuesday, 18th May 2021     Where: The Royal National Hotel, London      Time: 08:30 – 16:45


Delivering the Patient Safety Strategy: Making the NHS the Safest Healthcare System in the World”

The Patient Safety Strategy was designed around an ethos of learning and acting when things go wrong. The ambition is to make the NHS the safest system in the world to receive healthcare and it is thought that the implementation of the strategy could save nearly 1000 extra lives per year from 2023/24, whilst saving £100 million in care costs

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The NHS Long Term Plan/Vision

When: Tuesday, 25th May 2021     Where: The Studio, Manchester   Time: 08:30 – 17:00


“A national conference programme that will provide comprehensive updates on the Long Term Plan’s”

Our sixth annual CPD accredited national conference reviewing delivery of the NHS’ overarching strategy will explore how elements of the LTP – particularly digital innovation, have been uber-accelerated by the pandemic; whilst others have been consigned to the paperwork.

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The Government Strategy – Roadmap Policy Priorities

When: Thursday 13th May 2021    Where: The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester      Time: 08:30 – 17:00

“The Government Strategy – Roadmap Policy Priorities”

The government has committed to turning the UK into a ‘science superpower’ and has outlined its strategy to do so in the new UK Research & Development Roadmap. This CPD accredited conference programme will explore the new Roadmap – a long-term plan to make Britain a global centre for world-class research and dynamic innovation, supported by initiatives such as the R&D Place Strategy, Global Talent Visa and Office for Talent.

Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from and pose questions to the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, in addition to exploring how the UK R&D Place Strategy can make the fullest contribution to unlocking local growth and societal benefit from R&D across the UK, as well as exploring the role of universities and the research community in driving economic and social recovery post-covid.

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Sheila McKechnie Foundation’s (SMK) Annual Campaigner Survey 2020

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation’s (SMK) Annual Campaigner Survey 2020 is now open.

Every year, SMK asks campaigners what’s going on in their world. This year, the work of change-makers is crucial as communities across the country try to reimagine a post-pandemic, post-Brexit UK.

The survey is open to change-makers of all kinds – professional campaigners, individual activists, community organisers, volunteers, trustees. If you work to create social change, this survey is for you! It should only take between 10-15 minutes to complete. Your answers will be treated completely anonymously. Deadline to complete this survey is Monday 16 November.
More info here


North West London Health Research Register

NWL Health Research Register is a new health research register for North West London, designed to empower more patients and members of the public to take part in health research.

Join the Discover Healthcare Research Register and improve healthcare treatments for yourself and others.


Hammersmith & Fulham CEO Forum

Hammersmith & Fulham CEO Forum – Developing our relationship with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham

Date: Wednesday 4th March 2020
Time: 10am – 1.30pm
Location: Hammersmith

For further information and booking details click here