Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens

Open Forum Events would like you to join us at our National Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens conference which is taking place in London on the 9th November 2017. We have invited key industry professionals from across the globe to help you implement smart technology strategies. New thinking is allowing city regions to explore solutions and create smarter, more connected places that can enhance service delivery and improve citizen’s lives. The aim of this event is to tap into smarter and most innovative ways to support the complex needs of citizens and develop the infrastructure to overcome some of the grand societal challenges

Housing shortages, pollution and sustainability, healthcare, infrastructure, creating opportunities for all – these are just some of the pressing issues facing our cities and communities. New thinking is allowing city regions to explore solutions and create smarter, more connected places that can enhance service delivery and improve citizen’s lives. With seven billion people expected to be living in cities and communities in the next 30 years, cities need to reinvent themselves in the way they communicate, plan and respond to the complex needs of their people.

Technology, data and information can be a catalyst for change and ensure that our cities and communities are resilient places ready for the future.Using digital innovation to enhance services and policy outcomes is key to allowing leaders to make better decisions for their local areas and for citizens to be better informed. By utilising data, sensors and smart technology city regions and communities are developing new ways to tackle some of the biggest societal problems. How can policy makers keep the end user in mind, ensuring citizen’s endorsement and active participation in local decisions?

Join us at Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens to explore the most innovative and efficient ways to use technology and data to tackle some of the biggest problems. Major city leaders and business figures from across the UK and internationally will share their views on how to develop smart and more connected cities.

City leaders, service providers and local authorities are facing diverse and inter-dependent challenges that emerge from a combination of different factors such as population health, infrastructure and the environment. Analysis across all aspects of a city region is required to help tackle the underlying causes of these problems and support the complex needs of citizens more effectively.

Investing in smart policy making and urban planning is increasingly being used to inform policy making and helping to build more efficient public service delivery. Smart technology is shaping more transparent governments, increasing on operational efficiency and improving service and policy outcomes. Forward thinking stakeholders are meeting new demographic challenges by strengthening efforts to reduce bureaucracy, enhance service delivery and boost innovation. Recent exemplars   include Amsterdam that was chosen as the European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) 2016 by The European Commission. A holistic vision of innovation in and for the city is leading the way in improving the way people live, access services and businesses work.

A big part of the potential to transform city living relies on citizens themselves. More connected cities, through human and behavior-centred design, is helping to put the focus on real problems people face, and providing the solutions that people will want to use. The smart city vision often fails to recognise the role that citizen’s behaviour and culture play in the way cities work. As part of Manchester’s devolution agenda, FutureEverything is bringing stakeholders together to build and deliver smarter, more connected cities through citizen engagement, culture and the public realm.

As world urbanisation continues to grow and the total population expected to double by 2050, there exists an increased need for better city-based services in transport, infrastructure and health that meet the current pressures and offer citizens a high-quality life. By taking advantage of the available resources, data and technologies, improving efficiency in healthcare and smart mobility has been put at the forefront of national and local strategies around the world.

At Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens you will have the opportunity to learn how International city projects are using frontier technology to support citizens and use existing resources smarter. We will explore perceptions, experiences and ideas on what makes a city smart to help you tapping your possibilities into the revolution towards a smarter city and community.


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9th November , 2017 8:30 AM   through   5:00 PM
United Kingdom

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