The Invisible Café

About 2 years ago, I came to Sobus with an idea.  It was a good idea but I had no idea how to make it a reality. With the help of Nigel and Ash we managed to get the structure of what I was trying achieve. After many a meeting The Invisible Café slowly came to fruition.  The Invisible Café is a safe and peaceful space dedicated to people with invisible illnesses or disabilities.  Ash helped me with the creative stuff and Nigel helped me with the mammoth task to officially set up the business and complete the business plan.

We started working towards the Invisible Café being an actual bricks and mortar Café. Working to get people ‘out’ and ‘meeting up with others’. However, the pandemic hit and we had to totally rethink our ethos.

After, many a conflab, lots of coffee and late nights, we decided to move everything online and, here we are finally ready to launch.  From adaptive fitness classes to coffee mornings and wellbeing and mindfulness sessions. Plus, we can offer exclusive gifts, incredible discounts and membership to a fun and supportive group.

I cannot thank Sobus enough.  To be able to talk to Nigel and Ash about the initial idea to registering at Companies House and the wealth of contacts and advice – It’s because of these guys I am where I am today!  Thank you…Rosx

Take a look at the website and join up as a member!

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