Thriving Communities Webinar Series: Loneliness & Social Prescribing – 11th May, 3-4pm

Join us for our next Thriving Communities webinar which will explore how social prescribing can help tackle loneliness ahead of Loneliness Awareness Week 14-18 June. Our webinar series brings together individuals and organisations committed to using social prescribing through the arts, health, sports, leisure, and the natural environment, alongside other aspects of our lives, to promote health and wellbeing at a national and local level.

What will you learn?

  • The context of loneliness – who gets lonely? How many people does it affect across the country? How does it affect people’s health and wellbeing?
  • The impact that social prescribing can have on loneliness and how it can change lives.
  • We’ll hear from some great projects around the country who are working hard to reduce loneliness in their areas through social prescribing.
  • You’ll get some top tips to help relieve loneliness in your community.

Find out more and register here.