The following information was taken from the UK Civil Society Almanac 2019:

  • £22.9 billion was raised directly from the public during 2016/17
  • £15.8 billion was given by the Government
  • £4.8 billion was given by the voluntary sector in the form of Grants
  • £2.5 billion was given by the private sector


  • £0.5 billion was given by The National Lottery.

Organisations with an income of over £1 million are fewer in numbers but account for more than 80% of the sectors income. Consequently, it is these larger organisations that continue to grow.

That said there has been growth in income driven by grants between 2001 and 2017 whereas monies overall coming from Government have plateaued.

So hooray to Grant funders!

And, monies from local government have also been falling while income from central government has grown slightly.

By Nigel Jacques, Sobus Organisation Developement Officer