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Crowdfunding: Ride Side-by-Side


The History of Bikeworks

In its short history Bikeworks has already achieved a significant amount making a positive difference to the lives of many thousands of people, winning numerous awards and expanding the reach of its work outside of East London.


Who will it effect:

Participants over 60 who have an issue with mobility, social isolation, or be visually impairment.


How it Works

People will book a trip by phone. A rider will pick them up, riding a side by side cycle and take them on a trip of their choice for an hour and half.


Why it’s a great idea:

Ride Side-by-Side will tackle loneliness and isolation. People will have an opportunity to chat with their co-rider (Pilot), interact, tell stories about themselves and reminisce.

Ride Side-by-Side will help people with things they need to do like shopping, visit friends and family, explore the borough or get to an appointment.

It will have a broader impact with regards to reducing motorised trips and showcase other ways to get around that are emissions free.

By giving people the opportunity to be active, reduce their reliance on the NHS since it will improve their well-being due to the exercise and the conviviality.


Steps to get it done:

  • Produce and distribute project publicity materials
  • Engage local social housing estates and organisations
  • Run 4 ‘roadshows’ at key locations in the borough ahead of the launch
  • Take 4-8 people out on cycle trips of their choice every week
  • Collect quantitative & qualitative data
  • Collect materials for case studies and project video
  • Publish project report
  • begin delivery in 2 additional locations


The project cycles are power assisted to enable riders to travel further and ride for longer in any road environment.


How will the Money be Used

The funding will be used to purchase a small fleet of these cycles for the project, to train and pay the ‘pilot’ and for development work linking to local social housing estates, care homes, dementia groups, older people’s networks and groups for the visually impaired.


To get more information, visit Bikeworks Website.


To view/ download the flyer, click here.