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The Funders Fair –  9th October – Kensington Town Hall


This year’s funders fair is a little later than usual. It will be held on 9th October at Kensington Town Hall.


We are also sharing the event with our colleagues from Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea as we have done I previous years.

And with that I urge all of you to come along….


Register now at


There will be a selection of funders on the day to help you and to provide information on what they support.

Some will even provide you with useful tips on how to make applications.


For many of you obtaining funding has been a long and hard journey, and many of you have still to find the right funder to support you and your cause.

Funding is difficult for nearly everyone and this event will give you the opportunity to explore what you might need to do next on your journey or simply give you ideas for future applications.

It will also be a great opportunity to meet others also thinking about funding, quite simply a great networking event.


We at Sobus have 500+groups registered with us, and many of them are small and many new to the funding scene.

For those that have yet to obtain funding and those that have found it difficult when applying for funding this is really the event for you so make sure you come along.


Those who are in larger organisations and have years of experience in obtaining funding may have staff and volunteers who could benefit from this event. It really might be just the thing needed to provide that extra bit of development for them.


So come along on 9th October to:

Kensington Town Hall, Hornton St, Kensington, London W8 7N.

It all starts at 9:30 finishing with lunch at 1:30

Please register now on Eventbrite: