St John Ambulance is aiming to increase resilience amongst older people in their local areas.

The goal is to offer vital skills to help people feel more confident in coping in emergency situations whilst ultimately, saving lives.

They have been running first aid sessions all over London, Birmingham and the East of England. In their next phase, they are now looking at offering their Advocate role specifically to over 50s and looking for individuals who would be able to take up this offer.


The Advocate role for over 50s: Unlike the usual volunteering offer at St John Ambulance, which has historically been more regimented, they are offering a flexible volunteer role with no minimum number of hours per month.


The only requirement is that individuals go out and share the knowledge about first aid in the form of community get-togethers and delivering First Aid Skills sessions to community groups in marginalised areas to increase confidence and knowledge of first aid to help each other when needed.

In return, St John Ambulance offer a free four hour certified First Aid Course, uniform & online Safeguarding training.


If you think this might suit someone in your area, your beneficiaries or if there’s a specific individual you think might really benefit from this training and this role, please email and we can refer you to them!

The advocate role works really well for those in close knit communities / work places as well who can act as focal points for first aid knowledge in their area.