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Let’s take the last month of 2018 to reflect on this year’s challenges and plan for next year’s success. Whether you’re thinking about you, your team or your organisation, there’s more than one way to improve with our diverse range of training courses.

Managing Volunteers
14 January

Charities are dependent on their volunteers. But how do you ensure you recruit the right ones, with the right skills, and then nurture them so they feel rewarded and stay?

15 January

Learn to write well and you’ll be able to create convincing, emotional, impactful and authentic documents that keep the support and the funds coming in.

Practical Project Management
22 January

Are you new to project management? This course offers you the basics of planning, executing, managing and keeping track of good projects in the charity sector.

Emotional Intelligence for Managers and Leaders
24 January

Research now shows us how managers and leaders’ moods and actions have enormous impact on those they lead and shed new light on their ability to inspire.