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Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre was established in 1979 and has worked on the front line of advice needs for 38 years. They are rooted in our community, have an in-depth understanding of local needs and issues and prioritise helping those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged. They are well connected to other advice agencies and community groups and provide second tier advice to other agencies.

H&F Law Centre has legal aid contracts in housing, immigration and asylum and provides free legal advice and representation to those who are eligible under the scheme.

They give free legal advice and support on a range of housing issues to people in Hammersmith and Fulham.

They also run the duty possession desk on Mondays at the County Court in Wandsworth and on Fridays at the County Court in Brentford.

To start off 2019 H&F Law have arranged a number of training sessions for the Hammersmith and Fulham advice sector. Overwhelmingly, the need for advice was benefits and housing and so H&F Law have targeted those as a priority. You can book on the first one via Eventbrite (below) but the rest of the links for booking will be sent out in the new year.

Click here for a link to the calendar details and book for the first session ‘Allocation of Housing – with Tony Martin ‘ on 18th January


The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Adult learning and Employment Service (ALES) are seeking organisations for the delivery of adult and family learning within the borough for the academic year 2019/20.

A formal tendering process will be launching in early 2019 to contract organisations who can provide engaging and innovative learning experiences for local communities at a grass roots level. These organisations should have previous experience of delivering learning on a small scale, or other services if they are unfamiliar with adult/family learning, to the communities they propose working with.

ALES will be offering funding (totalling in the region of £950,000) in two lots:

Lot 1: Contracts up to £25,000

For smaller organisations, or, those with little or no previous experience of delivering adult/family learning using ESFA funding.

We are looking to contract with organisations who can provide engaging and innovative learning experiences for local communities at grass roots level. These organisations should have previous experience of delivering learning on a small scale, or other services if they are unfamiliar with adult/family learning, to the communities they propose working with.

Lot 2: Contracts up to a maximum of £200,000

For organisations with a previous track record of delivering adult/family learning using ESFA funding.

Both lots will be open through a formal tender launching in early 2019.

Applications must be made via the Capital eSourcing portal: www.capitalesourcing.com.

The full specification for delivery will be available on Capital eSourcing when the funding opportunity is published in February 2019.

They recommend organisations register on Capital eSourcing in advance of February in order to be notified as soon as the opportunity becomes available.

An information session will be available for those who are unfamiliar with the Capital eSourcing application process. This session will provide an overview of the process of using this system but will not be able to give advice or guidance on how you should answer the questions in the application.

Provisional Timetable

25th January 2019:      Using Capital eSourcing Information session – (40 places available)

February 2019:           Opportunity Published

March 2019:                Closing date for applications

May 2019:                   Indicative results (notification of successful applications)

September 2019:        Delivery begins

If you are interested in attending the information session please contact: Kim.Norris@rbkc.gov.uk

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After Julia Unwin’s two year inquiry into Civil Society Futures, the final report has been published – ‘The story of our times: shifting power, bridging divides, transforming society‘.

The inquiry heard from over 3,000 respondents via conferences and events, workshops, interviews and meetings, exploring how civil society needs to adapt to the changing social landscape. The inquiry examined four themes: place; belonging & identity; reimagining work & purpose; and how we organise.

The final report identified four areas (PACT) which are in need of major changes to ensure that charities and other civil society organisations increase accountability to their beneficiaries:

  • Power: there needs to be a shift so that decisions involve everyone
  • Accountability: organisations need to be accountable to the communities they serve
  • Connections: broader and deeper connections are needed within and between communities
  • Trust: trust in organisations needs to be built and earned in line with their values.

Read the full report now.

Are you ever too old for an advent calendar?

Whether you’re snacking on chocolate or other festive treats this month, remember that there’s more than one way to indulge.

Indulge in training this December and discover a new level of personal development, and enter 2019 with new items in your toolbox.

The DSC Team

Training spotlight: fundraising and personal development

Managing Volunteers

14 January

Charities are dependent on their volunteers. But how do you ensure you recruit the right ones, with the right skills, and then nurture them so they feel rewarded and stay?

Fundraising Event Management

16 January

Fundraising events can be great fun, but they bring with them hard work and risk. How do you ensure your fundraiser or conference goes off successfully?

Maximising Support from Trusts and Foundations

29 January

 You’ll learn how trusts and foundations think and what they want from applications, so you can understand how to get money from them.

Advanced Training & Presentation Skills

31 January

How you deliver training and presentations to staff will impact how well your staff engagement plans go.

More upcoming training courses

How to Develop Corporate Support

5 February

How to Raise Money from Trusts

7 February

Effective Fundraising Strategy

12 February

HR for Non-HR Specialists

13 February


  • Do you know the most common reasons for rejection?
  • Are you gathering the right evidence?
  • Are you making the right arguments?
  • Are you using the right terminology?
  • Are your numbers right?
  • Are you learning from rejections?


  • Are you assembling the right documents?
  • Do you know how to create a clear and succinct standard funding bid?
  • Are you communicating with people or just excluding them?
  • Do you know your own organisation well enough?
  • Are you thinking through your projects carefully enough?


  • Do you know enough about your competitors?
  • Do you know the trusts?
  • Are you answering the questions funders will ask themselves about your application?
  • Are you submitting applications correctly?

The workshop consists of talk, questions and answers. There are no power points or audio visuals used.

Click Here to see the current list of available Workshops

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Helping you to manage stress and lift your mood

Call: 0300 123 1156

Everyone feels stressed sometimes. If you are feeling on edge, finding that you’re snappier or more tearful than normal, we can help you get on top of your stress.

At Back on Track if you live in Hammersmith & Fulham you can join our free workshop program to learn relaxation techniques, find out how to get a better night’s sleep, learn to be more assertive and learn how to live life more mindfully. Our workshops teach you tried and tested techniques that really work. You can speak with one of our trained therapists to figure out the best way forward.



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The winter is upon us, so all the better reason to stay indoors and learn at your desk! Join our Winter Webinar Series, this January (2019) for just £5 a session!

These opportunities have limited space as they emphasise activities and interaction with your trainer – along with opportunities for Q&A throughout the session. Our aim is to improve your knowledge, skills and confidence without you having to leave the comfort of your office. There is something for everyone in this wide range of vital topics:

Wednesday, 9th January

  • Developing Your Fundraising Strategy
  • Demonstrating Your Impact
  • Developing Your Case for Support 

Thursday, 10th January

  • Developing Your Fundraising Strategy
  • Demonstrating Your Impact
  • Developing Your Case for Support 

“Thank you for a great course, I really liked the content of the course and it was delivered very clearly. Being able to fit this into my working day instead of having to travel somewhere for training was really refreshing. Thank you!”

 – Katherine Nelson, Rainbow House, Webinar90: Demonstrating Your Impact

Click Here to book on theFSI website


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HF ArtsFest have teamed up with the Mayor of London to bring the an information session about Culture Seeds Funding to H&F. This is a two-year rolling programme, so you can apply at any time for funding between £1,000-£5,000. The new grants will be used to support community-led cultural projects in every London borough. Culture Seeds will support not-for-profit, small or informal organisations and groups as well as individuals as it is often harder for them to access funding.

Date: Thursday 31st Jan
Time: 2 – 4pm
Venue: QPR Community Trust

For more info visit https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/arts-and-culture/current-culture-projects/culture-seeds

Register for the event here: https://culture-seeds-hf-artsfest.eventbrite.co.uk

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Are you an artist or creative living and working in H&F?

Are you a community group interested in arts projects?

HF ArtsFest is your local festival celebrating arts and communities across the borough. If you’re interested in being involved, have an idea for a project, performance, exhibition or gathering, take a look at our website http://hf-artsfest.com and fill in an expression of interest form http://bit.ly/EoIArtsFest19

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We know that one of the quickest ways to have a positive impact on our local communities, is to fund organisations that are already doing great work, and helping them to achieve more. Our Local Community Projects Fund awards grants of up to £2,000 to enable not for profit organisations to do something they otherwise couldnt afford to. We have seven local charity committees which meet regularly throughout England, Scotland and Wales to review applications and award grants. Please carefully read the following guidelines before starting an application.


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