Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) are now the most popular form for establishing new charities and this extensively updated second edition illustrates the benefits of the structure as well as the pitfalls.

CIO Cover Pic‘Gareth Morgan is well known for his interest in and mastery of the detailed, technical aspects of charity administration and in particular of CIOs. As a barrister specialising in charities, I shall continue to make use of this clear, detailed and practical book both for checking specific points and to recommend to my clients, especially those thinking about establishing a CIO.’  Francesca Quint, Barrister – Radcliffe Chambers

A must-read for anyone considering establishing a new charity in England, Wales or Scotland to ensure they’re using the structure most suitable for their needs.

It contains the new procedures in England and Wales from 2018 for direct conversion of charitable companies to CIOs (and CIC to CIO conversions from later in 2018). For Scotland, it contains new OSCR procedures from 2016 for unincorporated charities converting to CIOs. This edition also contains more on the practical implications of CIO constitutions which depart from the Charity Commission models.

Overall the guide offers a full range of practical information and will help you decide your organisation’s next move.

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