Last year, Hammersmith & Fulham council ran an emergency response ‘hackathon’ with local community organisations, where we came together to see how we could help each other in an emergency. On the day, it was decided we needed a space online to work together in the event of an emergency, and also that we should set up a training day to show more about what we do. With this in mind we have set up a Community Resilience Event on Saturday 7th July from 10am to 2pm (including lunch) at Hammersmith Town Hall and we would love you to join us.

The Community Resilience Event will include showing how we provide for displaced residents in a fully operational rest centre, how our extensive CCTV network assists in managing incidents, and seeing some of the command and control vehicles from the frontline services we work alongside.  There will be a presentation to attendees for them to learn more about what we do, as well as professionals in attendance to answer questions.  There will also be an opportunity to sign up for specific further training such to train your staff/volunteers as rest centre officers. To book your place on this event (2 places per organisation are available), please email or call 07748 932 584 for more details. Once we have your interest, I will send the official invitation with more info.

In addition, we’ve built and launched a ground-breaking new community emergency response website!  The “extranet” allows us to include chosen partners in a website designed to help us work together in an emergency to achieve the best outcomes for our community, therefore strengthening our community resilience.  It’s also a place where we can communicate with each other and share vital information before, during and after an emergency event. If you would like to be a member of this website, please email so that you can be added.

Camilla McBrearty
Emergency Planning Officer
Emergency Services Division
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Mobile: 07748 932 584
Director of Environmental Health: Nick Austin