Want to incorporate social value into your service but don’t know how? Having problems with allocating limited resources?

With the Social Value Act as law for over two years now, the need for measuring and demonstrating social value is ongoing. Meanwhile, services are enduring brutal public sector cuts and budgetary constraints, making value for money even more important when making tough decisions.

SROI, or Social Return on Investment, is a framework that can be used to measure, manage, report and account for social value whether you’re involved in commissioning, procurement or service delivery. It helps you to understand where social value is being created and destroyed by involving stakeholders and valuing what matters to them.

If you’re interested in learning about services through the eyes of the people they serve, and understanding where money is best allocated to create most value, SROI is for you. All training is delivered by Social Value UK Accredited SROI Practitioners and is suitable for any experience level. Training is on 8-19th January in London.

For more information visit the website: www.socialvalueuk.org/training/practitioner

For enquiries about availability, bookings or cost contact Clare Bentley: 0151 703 9229/clare.bentley@socialvalueuk.org