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Electric and Gas SMART readers are being rolled out across the UK now. Every household will have the opportunity to upgrade to a smart meter, at no additional cost, by 2020. Everyone will have a chance to decide whether they wish to have a SMART meter installed by their provider and now is probably a good time to think about any pros and cons.

Here are a few points to help you make the right decision for you:

– Smart meters will bring an end to estimated bills and show us how much energy we’re using in near real time and in pounds and pence.

– You will receive an in-house display, which shows exactly how much energy you’re using, as you use it.

– If you change suppliers your (1st generation) SMART meter will lose its smart features.

– Your SMART meter will be installed by a trained installer at NO EXTRA COST.

– The installer should spend time with you explaining how to operate the in-house display so that you can use it confidently on your own.

– The installation will take approximately 1 hour.

– When you are eligible depends on many factors and your supplier will be in touch when your smart meter is ready to be installed (before 2020).

In the future:

  • Switching between suppliers will be quicker and easier and you will not need to change your (2nd generation) SMART meter each time you change suppliers.

If you would like to receive further information on SMART meters please contact:

Krzysztof Mikata-Pralat

Fulham Good Neighbours

Rosaline Hall

70 Rosaline Road

London, SW6 7QT

Tel. 020 7385 8850

Email: chrismikata@fulhamgoodneighbours.org


Fulham Good Neighbours received funding from Smart Energy GP, voice of the smart meter rollout, to make local older people aware of it and are running several information workshops at different local organisations between now and 31st December 2016.