Hikayetna: Storytelling from Syria

A night of art from Music to poetry and storytelling to present Syrian voices in the UK

Hikayetna is a new art project to tell the stories of Syrians from all over the world. Vivid, moving and first hand stories will be heard.

Through this project we hope to spread Syrians’ thoughts, words, and feelings, especially Syrians living in refugee camps. We aim to make their voice heard by different audiences around the world, who would have never had the chance to hear those stories otherwise.

Tickets only £10

Thursday, October 20, 2016

7:30pm  9:00pm

Canvas Cafe42, Hanbury Street London, England, E1 5JLUnited Kingdom

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Hikayetna’s Vision

All of us share common hopes, fears and feelings We live by dreaming, hoping of a better tomorrow. With the destruction of the shiny side of Syria, we are constantly looking for stories of hope which giving us the optimism. and looking to work together to build our communities.