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Volunteer position with expenses paid (travel (£5 Limit) within London and £3 for lunch if the volunteer is here for the entire day).

Details: Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre was established in 1979 and has worked on the front line of advice needs for 36 years. We are rooted in our community, have an in-depth understanding of local needs and issues and prioritise helping those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged. We are well connected to other advice agencies and community groups and provide second tier advice to other agencies.

H&F Law Centre has legal aid contracts in housing, immigration and asylum and provides free legal advice and representation to those who are eligible under the scheme. We also run the duty possession desk on Mondays and Wednesdays at the County Court in Hammersmith.

In order to support our busy reception and caseworkers, H&F Law Centre is recruiting Reception and Triage Volunteers able to commit on a part-time basis of at least one day per week.

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