‘What do we need to do to make London a fairer city?’ – London Fairness Commission

The London Fairness Commission has been established to convene the first citywide debate on fairness in 100 years. Chaired by Lord Victor Adebowale, it is an independent group of academics, policy makers, business and third sector leaders with a passion for London. Launched in June this year, the Commission has so far asked Londoners to consider how they view fairness, whether London is a fair city, and what should be done to make London fairer. They have recently published an Interim Report, reflecting their findings and setting a series of fairness dilemmas for Londoners. The Commission’s recommendations will be published in March, and will be designed to influence the incoming Mayor.
The commissioners are very keen to hear from both the voluntary sector and those who volunteer within their local community, individuals who work in the community sector, or is a member of a local community group, and are holding two Open Space events on Monday 9th November, Museum of London, Terrace Gallery, 10am to 4pm or 6 pm to 8.30pm. Open Space allows everyone at the meeting to raise the issues that matter to them, share and develop ideas and consider recommendations for the future. It is participative, energetic and focused.
Details of the event and booking can be found here

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