Sobus works together with local charities, community groups, social enterprises and start up businesses. We offer a range of resources to support the voluntary and community sector.

If you are in need of funding please sign up for our latest funding report by sending us an email or go to our Money section. The report lists dozens of funding opportunities; it sets out who can apply and what the money can be used for. If you need advice about accessing funding please get in touch with us by emailing:

We provide news, updates and links to external organisations, reports and research that may be helpful or of interest. If there is anything you would like us to share the community and voluntary sector please email

Sobus organises and publicises a number of training opportunities and events throughout the year please click here to see a list of current and upcoming events.

training and event

training and events scouted through our networks for the development of community groups and organisations, ranging from funding, fund raising, bid writing, health & safety at work, and much more



use this directory to find organisations that serve the needs of the community in multitude of fields from housing, family support, brokerage, culture and heritage and much more. these services are for individuals as well as groups nationwide


sobus facilitates networking and representation activities; encourages innovation, collaboration and partnership and support to develop a stronger voice and share knowledge and information.

community organising

Get information about our community organisers’ involvement in the borough and current areas of focus


Sobus, HF Volunteer Centre and LB Hammersmith & Fulham are working together to deliver Comoodle H&F, an online platform for local organisations, businesses and residents to share “Stuff, Space and Skills”

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sobus is a new Community Development Agency for Hammersmith & Fulham. It has been created through the merger of the Community and Voluntary Sector Association Hammersmith & Fulham (CaVSA) and the Fulham Community Partnership Trust (FCPT). Building on the strengths of both organisations, sobus aims to provide a wider range of support services for local charities, community groups, social enterprises and start up businesses.