Please take a look at this article and YouTube link. It is about Bubble and Squeak and produced by Echo Friends, both of which registered with Sobus. It’s really great to see Echo Friends finding its way after lots of discussion and thought and this could be something to help groups share their successes ….

We all need to take a short break from shopping for gifts and think about some of the problems occurring this time of the year. We particularly talk about food waste and social isolation, but this time we don’t focus only on the negative part, we are here to show you an inspiring story of young food waste warriors tackling these issues in their local communities

We’ve just produced our first video for our first charity, Bubble & Squeak, and our mission is to be able to produce story videos that will raise the profile of the groups we can help, and (especially) create, at the least, an initial new funding round – but we want our videos to be more than just one-off appeals; we want to create cornerstone (legacy) content that a charity can use for months if not years.

It is my pleasure to invite you to watch our video, and if you’ve any thoughts about it (, it would be great to hear them.

Also please help us to amplify the voices of these amazing young Changemakers by Sharing the video with your Friends, Family and Colleagues; that would be an invaluable help for us to “#SpreadTheWorld“.

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