As your local health and social care champion, we are looking to understand how women access maternity services in the borough, what their experiences are, and identify areas that require improvement. 

Who can participate? Anyone who has given birth in the last three years would like to share their experience with maternity services in Hammersmith and Fulham. 

How to participate? Click on this link: to take the questionnaire.

If you prefer to complete the questionnaire over the phone or receive a paper copy at your home, please call Healthwatch H&F. We will arrange a time to call you back and assist you in completing the questionnaire. 

Alternatively, contact us for further support, such as if you need the questionnaire in another language or an easy-to-read version: Telephone: 0203 886 0386; WhatsApp: Send us a message on 07944387895; Email: 

Deadline: 1 February