In our upcoming free webinar, Can You Be 100% Health and Safety Compliant All the Time? on 21 April at 2.00pm, our experts debate whether this is a possible, or even desirable, goal for organisations to have. After all, health and safety law doesn’t demand that all risks be eliminated; it requires employers to find “reasonably practicable” solutions to reduce them.

During this session, we’ll draw on our extensive knowledge of working closely with organisations of all sizes and sectors to explore whether a ‘box-ticking’ approach is enough to sufficiently mitigate risk, plus how to ensure any measures introduced in your workplace aren’t overly restrictive to the point that they inevitably hamper productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

To find out how to compliantly strike the right balance, join WorkNest’s Director of Health & Safety Services, Nick Wilson, alongside Principal Health & Safety Consultant, Scott Crichton, as they discuss how organisations can take a sensible, proportionate approach to workforce health and safety management and debate pertinent questions such as:

• Is it possible, or even desirable, to be 100% compliant 100% of the time?
• Is it better to strive to be compliant or safe?
• How do organisations identify “reasonably practicable” safety measures? And what falls outside of this scope?
• What are the top five most common mistakes employers make with regard to risk assessments, and how can you get these right?

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If you have a particular question(s) relating to any of the points above, we welcome you to submit them in advance via the registration form. Our experts will endeavour to answer as many as possible during the session.