There is an ever-increasing body of scientific research demonstrating the many benefits of nature –  stress alleviation, relaxation and the reduction in symptoms of depression are just a few. It also helps social interaction, so young people make friends more easily and feel less isolated. 

We are offering a free four-week programme, each session lasting 2-hours. Typical activities include walks, some light conservation work or gardening. This is combined with a range of creative activities such as painting, weaving, lino cutting, felting, tie-dye or whittling. There will be time to talk and share collective struggles, and importantly the group form a network of new supportive friends that last beyond the programme.

“The programme has helped me see more of me and less of my disorder. It brought back my identity, as I remembered I have interests that I thought I lost due to my disorder. It helped me refocus on a task, activity or learning process and had a really positive impact on my wellbeing”, a young person who attended our programme.

Sun 3rd April to Sun 1st May (excluding the Easter weekend) from 11am to 1pm at Chiswick House & Gardens, London, W4 2RP

For further information please visit our website, contact us by email or phone 01273 230102.

Young people can book a place on the programme by completing our online Booking Form or there is a Referral Form available.

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