Health and wellbeing is without doubt, one of the key underlying themes of the work of most VCS organisations in the borough.  Countless organisations provide a myriad of information, services and support to local residents, from physical exercise, support for those with specific health conditions, and a huge range of support for all forms of emotional wellbeing, from those experiencing loneliness and isolation, to those with ongoing mental health difficulties.

We are pleased therefore to relaunch the Sobus VCS Health & Wellbeing Forum, which is open to all voluntary and community groups in Hammersmith & Fulham.  The forum will have two areas of focus:

  1. Providing the opportunity to share your feedback, experiences and thoughts on local services, get updates on changes in health and care that will affect local communities, and to find out how you can be involved in shaping these.


  1. Providing the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the strategic development of local services, including the Integrated Care Partnership

Our next meeting on Tuesday 12th October will look at the Integrated Care Partnership, and how local organisations can get involved.  In 2018, as the ICP was beginning, at a series of workshops with the VCS it was agreed that Sobus would represent the sector in the ICP, and we attend both the ICP Board and Operational Group meetings. However, with work now picking up pace, we need to ensure that organisations are directly engaged in the ICP in order to inform and influence how the different strands of work develop.

Come along to the VCS Health & Wellbeing Forum on 12th October at 1pm to find out how you can be involved in:

  • ICP structure and areas of work
  • “Care closer to home” and how health services can be more joined up.

To book a place, please register through the following link