Black History Month in H&F, By Sharon Tomlin, Sobus Community Organiser

Historically during the month of October, Black History Month – residents, the local authority, community groups, voluntary organisations and community leaders have celebrated aspects of the lives of people from ethnically marginalised communities, particularly from the African and Asian diasporas who have contributed to the borough.

This year sees a strong focus in the borough on creating change and addressing inequalities in areas of local life by working across all sectors that aim to create transformational change and reform paths of accountability.

At Sobus, we aim to capture and celebrate the efforts of organisations with diverse and inclusive approaches that leads to transformational changes for residents and statutory, voluntary and community organisations in the borough.

In honour of the contributions made by local residents we highlight some of the stories that are usually left out of the mainstream narrative.

Read on for an overview of some of our local contributors and events!

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