FREE Webinar: Cyber Security

Do you know how many of your remote workers used work devices to connect to unsecured public Wi-Fi networks or used a work device as a Wi-Fi hotspot for other devices?

Have they downloaded or installed an application on work systems possibly taking advantage of more powerful work hardware to play video games? Have they clicked on a bad link, opened an infected attachment, or visited a malicious website?

Cyber Hackers have used Coronavirus to prey on remote workforces and IT systems. As we return to the office, now is a good time to remind employees about work device protocols and to ensure that you keep your employees, devices, and network safe.

Our free webinar addresses how you can demonstrate to your customers, stakeholders and other third parties that you have implemented security controls, secured sensitive data and are protected from cyber-attacks.

Registered attendees will also get a free dark web scan, you will be able to see whether your emails have been compromised. If your information is compromised, we’ll let you know the next steps you should take to ensure your identity is safe.

Webinar – Thursday 7th October – 13.00 – 14.00