Sobus Has Access to a Large Database of Funders to Assist in Your Funding Searches

As part of our offer, we buy in to Grantfinder, one of the largest databases of Funders in the UK. So, remember when you look at our Funding Alert it may only be providing some of what is available. 

With Grantfinder we can do a specific search according to your needs. How it works is that: 

  • You need to specify the type of organisation you are e.g. a charity. 
  • You have to say where you operate – that is Hammersmith and Fulham – or a part of it. 
  • We need to be clear about what it is you do and who benefits, for example “running arts classes for older people.” 
  • We also need to know what the funding will be used for, and the amount of money you are seeking. 

That final bullet point is important. All funders give monies because of specific needs, so they want to know how the money will be used and what will be achieved to alleviate those needs. The probable achievement is important to them in making their decision. Most funders in their own evaluation will need to show what money has been given and what has been achieved with it. They also take great pride in announcing what they have achieved themselves! 

The other point to remember is that funders all have different criteria and ways of managing applications against their criteria. Sometimes this can be hard on groups because they miss something in their application. The devil is in the detail. So, knowing what the funder requires, specifying the activity you wish to fund and being clear how the monies will be used to ensure that activity brings success is all important. 

So please remember we have this database and please get in touch if you need us to complete a search for you. You can email me direct at 

Nigel Jacques