FREE Facebook Groups Training – Don’t Miss Out!

Media Trust has teamed up with Facebook’s Community Partnerships Team to offer a free masterclass at 10am on 15 September on building communities through Facebook groups. The trend towards online connectivity and community has only accelerated during the pandemic. Today, 35 million people in the UK are part of Facebook groups. Many charities and mission-driven enterprises are already building and leveraging online communities to support their work and further their causes. 
This masterclass will unpack the power of community and outline the key skills necessary for how charities can effectively manage online communities. In the second part of the masterclass, the Facebook team will give an overview of their new Certified Community Manager Programme, which will be offered pro-bono to all charity participants interested in starting, growing, or sustaining their online communities. Attend our masterclass on building online communities and get free access to Facebook’s Community Manager Certification Programme