Searching for a Grant?

As well as our regular newsletter containing up to date funding opportunities Sobus subscribes to Grantfinder.

Grantinder is one of the largest database of funders from across the UK. It is well maintained and up to date. However, in order to search the database well it needs some clear information:

  • type of organisation e.g. charity, CIC etc
  • your organisations’s aims
  • what you are intending to do with the funding and who will benefit
  • how much you require.

From this point onwards the database will produce a range of funding opportunities. And within that it will give clear criteria about what the funder expects and what you as an organisation might need in order to apply e.g. a certain level of income. Usually there will be about 20+ funders for each search but it can be a good place to start.

If you need Sobus to carry out a search then contact us by email at

Alternatively if you are not too clear about how to describe your funding needs then please contact Nigel at