Action Learning 
To complement our courses and as another offer to engage and support those working with communities, our Director, Wendy, has trained as an Action Learning Facilitator (another Lockdown activity!). We will also be hosting our first Community Development Action Learning Set starting in October.
Action Learning is a unique way to tackle real problems or issues in order to get things done. Action Learning brings individuals together in small groups where they can explore issues around their direct experience and develop actions around them through the support and exploratory questions of a group.
This will be for a group of 6 and is open for anyone who has a focus on community engagement or community development as part of their work. It is a very structured and facilitated process that has 5 key elements:

  • Issue holders arrive at their own action points and insights about real life work challenges
  • Value comes from hearing others talk through problems and identifying options
  • Leadership, questioning, listening and decision making skills are developed
  • Learning comes from the topics shared and from reflecting on the group process
  • A facilitator guides, encourages and maintains the structure of the session and the focus on learning

For those attending we will host 6 sessions and all members will get the opportunity to fully participate in being issue holders, helping colleagues explore questions, reflecting on learning etc. For more information and to book visit our website or email

Our training programmes are based on our extensive experience, and we have worked to develop a range of courses for a wide variety of people who work with communities, including those in local authorities, housing associations, health and the voluntary sector organisations. We have the long experience of being part of the Community Works training partnership and bring much of that delivery to these courses.

The courses will be running from September 2020 and we encourage you to book your places now! The one day courses will consist of two 2.5-hour sessions and there will be one hour’s pre-course work. They are all accredited through Continuous Professional Development and worth a 6-hour credit. The action learning will be over 6 three hours sessions with one session each month for six months.

We look forward to seeing you at these workshops and hope our training offer will support the capacity and sharing of good practice across the sector.