The Smile Brigade and Rylston Pub in Fulham are offering cooked/packaged meals for people in need in the current COVID 19 crisis. Monique (Smile Brigade) and Jonathan (Rylston Pub & Director of the Yellow Panda Pub Co) will be leading the project.

In summary the project wishes to:

  • reach out to groups that have or can identify people in need
  • provide 2 to 3 meals twice a week for groups to collect from the community hall

o logistics of delivering to groups beneficiaries will mostly be left to the groups workers or volunteers

Logistics and other bits:

  • Monique (Smile Brigade) to work as coordinator with the groups, make initial contact and assess if we can work with them and in what capacity
  • Jonathan to organise food preparation/stock
  • Meals including food like pies, lasagne, curry etc
  • All group food donations to be diverted to the community hall/Rylston pub
  • Key is that they realise that organisations will need to take care of the distribution to their beneficiaries. They will have a certain resource that we can use but only for those that absolutely cannot do themselves.

Rylston are doing delivery for the Smile Brigade this Friday, so it would be really good if organisations interested could respond before Friday if possible.

Outside of groups using workers and volunteers to deliver their food the project may need to ask for food containers, cleaning products, pick up/collection of raw produce.

Please contact Monique and Jonathan Tel:07989981049 directly.