This study investigates the barriers to physical activity in older adults and the aim is to identify strategies which might help them to be more active. This will build upon our previous findings which indicated that exercise adherence is influenced by exercise history, individual preferences, perceived benefits of exercise, relationships within the group and with the instructor, the location and the elements of the sessions in active older adults. In order to effectively tailor exercise to inactive older adults, further research is needed to understand their specific needs, barriers, and attitude towards exercise.

In this current study, I will ask participants to take part in an interview (45-60 min) at a public place (easily accessible to the participants) or over the phone. I’ve just created a link to an online registration form which is confidential and compliant with GDPR of the university.
The link is: Participants can sign up on this link, or via emailing me or calling/texting me.

The outcome of this study will help us to improve the current services and it might help to engage older adults to get more active.  Application ends June 14th.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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