We are looking for more and more partners to help us promote this fantastic opportunity to their staff, members, customers, family or friends. We had 3 new microsites go live in 2019. They are great examples of the training websites we are proposing…




If you would like to discuss how your organisation can take advantage of their own FREE training website perhaps we can schedule a call? There is no cost attached to this at all. All we ask is that your site generates approx 25 enquiries per month. We have a whole host of marketing ideas and campaigns that we can share with you to help achieve this.

For a no-obligation consultation contact Vivienne Wharton on 0121 752 3800 or email partnerships@freecoursesinengland.co.uk

If the above is not relevant to you please browse all free courses available here

We can support you in focusing on retraining or up-skilling, providing you with motivation, job satisfaction, and brand new qualifications.