Hammersmith & Fulham




The relationship between H&F Council and the local community and voluntary sector

CEO and Leaders’ Meeting


On Monday 9th October, LBHF Cabinet are considering a report which will initiate local discussion and dialogue regarding the future relationship that needs to be established and developed between themselves and the local 3rd sector.

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Clearly, this is an important piece of work that we need to discuss and engage with and we would really welcome input from local organisations


Obviously, Sobus will be looking at a range of opportunities to engage with local groups and organisations about this – but to start with, I would like to invite you, together with a few other CEOs from local organisations to meet for an initial meeting with Ruth on Tuesday 15th October, 10.30-12.30.


For this first meeting, we are hoping that the most senior individuals from local organisations (i.e. at CEO or Board level) can attend – as we need those with the appropriate authority in their organisations to help shape and inform this important piece of work.


For further information and to book a place, please contact admin@sobus.org.uk