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For #HealthyLifestyles month, we have a special episode dedicated entirely to young people, air pollution, and asthma resources across Hammersmith & Fulham.


Asthma is one of the most common chronic conditions affecting adolescents, with approx 800,000 young people affected in the UK.

As an increasing health concern for young people across London, asthma education and resources are an incredibly important issue to cover.


Young H&F brings together youth organisations, businesses, local government, schools, funders, and the wider community to create opportunities for young people.

We want a happier, safer, and healthier Hammersmith & Fulham! 

To continue the conversation about young people and youth services throughout H&F, we have started our very first podcast series, Change the Narrative.


We’ll be hearing about asthma awareness, resources, air pollution and local responses, as well as the work schools, health providers, youth orgs, local charities and more are doing to support young people with asthma and those concerned with air pollution across the borough!


Each month, we’ll be sharing these episodes to raise awareness around our five areas of focus:

  • mental health,
  • education,
  • healthy lifestyles,
  • youth justice,
  • employability.

    We will be featuring guests from across our network:

  • young people,
  • youth workers,
  • councilors…
  • people who care about our Hammersmith & Fulham community.


Tune in to Change the Narrative, and find out how we’re all working together and how you can get involved!