Navigating today’s educational system is not an easy or straightforward task for anyone, whether students, parents, teachers, or administrators.

For parents of children with autism spectrum disorder, making sure your kids get a fair and useful education involves even more complicated considerations and decisions.

This guide discusses issues surrounding the education of students on the autism spectrum, including the rights and responsibilities of parties involved, plus governing laws, programs, and additional resources.

The information also includes classroom concerns and accommodations, considerations for choosing an appropriate school setting, options for dispute resolution, and tips for further advocacy.

Whether you decide to homeschool or place your child in the public education system, it’s important to know the available options and stay informed to advocate most effectively for your child’s education and well-being.

Educational policy, childhood disability advocacy, and the legislation governing both have produced terms and acronyms that might require clarification if you’re new to the system.

To better understand the points and tips that follow, here is a list of brief explanations and definitions. You can find elaboration on each term and topic  in this guide.