The Octavia Better Lives Community Fund (OBLCF) provides grants of £2,000 – £5,000 to fund work with residents of the following boroughs:

  • Westminster
  • Kensington and Chelsea

Our aim is to award grants to a wide range of organisations and projects.  Our expectation is that we will award a mix of smaller and larger grants.

There is one grant fund for distribution in the 2018/19 financial year; this will be distributed in either one round, or two rounds, dependent upon the number of eligible applications received.

The closing date for applications is: 11 November 2018.

Our criteria

Our aim is to tackle the effects of loneliness through these grants and help build social connections for those who are most in need.  The effects of loneliness are increasingly recognised as being detrimental to emotional and physical health.

Our grants will support local charities and voluntary groups that are working with communities, groups and individuals experiencing loneliness.

Grants will be given to organisations that clearly demonstrate outcomes and impact and specifically how they reach local people, how many they reach and what difference they expect the project to make.

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