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So join the # Competition to win £££
Yes, it’s finally here! Small Charity Week 2018 has begun! Kicking off with our #ILoveSmall Charities competition, you could win up to £450 for your small and local charity or community group simply by asking your supporters to say why they love you.

There are three ways to enter (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), all of which will help raise the profile of your organisation and give you the opportunity to win the cash prize. Winners are the charities with the most messages of support on each social media platform.

#ILoveSmallCharities Twitter competition – winning small charity gets a £150 donation
#ILoveSmallCharities Facebook competition – winning small charity gets a £150 donation
#ILoveSmallCharities Instagram competition – winning small charity gets a £150 donation

How to enter:
Ask your supporters to take a photo of themselves holding up a poster (downloaded from our website) that reads:
“I love (your charities name) because (why you love them)”.
Or they can take a video of themselves with the poster, shouting out loud about why they love your charity.
Then simply post it to either Twitter, Instagram or the Small Charity Week Facebook page (or all three).

How you win:
The charity which manages to get the most individual messages of support on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook from June 18th -23rd June will receive a donation of £150.

Visit our website for details on how your supporters should enter their messages, poster templates, supporting materials and the full rules.

Click here for details on how to enter

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