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The Upper Room is planning to build an entire new floor at St Saviour’s Church, in Shepherd’s Bush, which will effectively double our work space.  Whilst this work is being carried out we urgently need to find alternative premises to continue delivering our services.  Ideally we are looking for one decent sized room to deliver employment support for our UR4Jobs and UR4Driving projects and a small kitchen in which to prepare sandwiches for our UR4Meals project which feeds the homeless.  We may have to look to alternative premises to deliver UR4Meals but would like to keep UR4Jobs and UR4Driving together.

The work is anticipated to start around July and is expected to last 3-4 months.

Do you know of a community hall, or vacant office space, which we could rent on a temporary basis.  We would like to stay as close to our base in Shepherd’s Bush as possible for the sake of our clients.  Please email: operationsdirector@theupperroom.org.uk with any suggestions.


St Saviour Wendell Park Church

Cobbold Road | London W12 9LN

T: 020 8740 5688 | M: 07923 462 497