The Reader is an organisation passionate about the power of reading together and works to build community and individual well-being through our weekly Shared Reading groups.  Our staff and volunteers are trained to pick and read aloud great literature which allows us to feel safe to open up and to share with one another personal meanings and experiences. We believe that reading great literature together gives us insight on what it means to be human, improving our personal well-being and helping us connect with one another.

 If you are interested in attending or hosting one of our groups, please contact Erin at  You can also check out our website at

 “It always makes me feel more fulfilled than the other days”

 ~Shared Reading group member

“After the reading group I feel a change in the way things go, like there’s fresher air – things feel more alive.”

 ~Shared Reading group member

Click here for a list of Reader Groups in Hammersmith and Fulham