We know that the leadership of our charities in the UK is not sufficiently ethnically diverse.

It’s confirmed again this year with ACEVO’s Pay and Equalities Survey 2018. Published at the beginning of February, it found that only 3% of charity chief executives who took part were from BAME backgrounds, and that this percentage has actually fallen over the last ten years.

It’s the case that “a shamefully small number of civil society CEOs are from a black and minority ethnic background”, according to Vicky Browning, Chief Executive of ACEVO. She calls on us to “collectively prioritise action to break down the barriers and bias that exist within the voluntary sector.”

And it’s not only CEOs. Senior management teams and trustee boards are not diverse enough also, with the 2017 edition of Third Sector’s Diversity Report finding that 10% of senior management teams and 10% of trustees of the 50 charities they surveyed were  non-white.

Please see the Diversity Report here.