The Fundraising Regulator (FR) has launched a three-part consultation on the Code of Fundraising Practice that aims to improve standards in relation to online fundraising platforms, complaints handling and the TPS Assured Certification. This consultation has two separate timescales.

The first two parts (A and B) invite feedback on specific issues raised by the sector in relation to complaints handling and the TPS Assured Certification. The deadline for response on these is 28th February 2018.

Part C proposes to introduce a new section to the Code for online fundraising platforms and aims to ensure that these platforms provide adequate and clear good practice guidance to individuals setting up a fundraising page on their sites.

It also aims to ensure relevant platforms follow the legal requirements set out within the recently introduced Payment Services Regulation 2017. The deadline for response on fundraising platforms is 14th March 2018.

These changes come as a result of the engagement had between the Fundraising Regulator and many of the fundraising platforms, and with the Financial Conduct Authority, the statutory regulator for the Payment Services Directive.

All have recognised the need for regulation following a sharp rise in the use of fundraising platforms over the past few years by members of the public wanting to raise money for causes they care about.

The consultation document can be found here. Please send your response to