Carers Network is delighted to announce the launch of the Former Carers Project.

What is the Former Carers Project?

Our project will support people whose caring role has come to an end. It is set up specifically to provide advice, guidance and support to former unpaid carers as they explore the viable options available to them after their caring role has ended.

Who is the project for?

Those who have previously cared for someone in an unpaid capacity, aged 18+ and a resident of Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster or the City of London. A former unpaid carer whose caring role has ended for whatever reason.

What the project offers:

Our project will actively help carers navigate this period after the caring role has ended through the ‘Next Steps’ Assessment and by providing a range of support such as:

  • Practical support & signposting around employment, money, housing and etc.
  • Advice and information
  • Help to find new activities and social groups
  • Workshops to learn new skills

How to refer to the project.

You can refer people to this project by completing a referral form that can be downloaded here. Alternatively please contact Ashley Young on 020 8960 3033 or email with the former carer’s name, contact details, geographical area and an idea of when their caring role ended.

More info.

This project hopes to help former carers find out what they want to do now and what their choices may be. This may be looking to return to work, becoming involved in volunteering, rediscovering a lost hobby or other activities they once enjoyed. The end of the caring role may have resulted in unexpected financial issues, changes to benefits, concerns over housing situation. Perhaps the former carer may just want some company, find other like-minded people and/or social activities to participate in.
It is also hoped that by the end of their time participating in the project the former carer will feel more informed about their options, more confident, better connected, less isolated and in better control of their lives.