Does a friend or family member rely on you for support?

If so, you may be a carer, which means that you can get support to look after the person you care for – and to take care of yourself.

You might be looking after your brother or sister, your partner, your parents, your adult child or someone else; they might have a physical or learning disability, a health condition, mental health needs, misuse drugs or alcohol, or have become older and frail. You might have been looking after them for years, or have only just started.

Whatever the situation, if you and the person you care for are over 18, then Carers Network can help you with:

  • Carers Assessments
  • Financial grants to get a break from caring
  • The Carers Emergency Card Scheme
  • Support groups
  • Information and advice
  • Social events and activities

If you are a carer and live in Hammersmith & Fulham talk to Carers Network today!

Tel: 020 7386 9417


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