The Department for Communities and Local Government will provide funding up to approximately £70,000 to local authorities working with community groups to deliver solutions to entrenched social issues for example relating to:

  • Early intervention and high cost individuals- people falling through gaps in statutory services perhaps because they do not meet individual service criteria or thresholds
  • Adult social care– for example: tackling social isolation including via community transport schemes; projects aimed at safeguarding vulnerable people including rehabilitation and preventative work around domestic abuse; and/or; work aimed at increasing public health and wellbeing
  • Children’s Services– this could, for example, include work around disabled children’s support services or those aimed at helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Employment Support– we are particularly interested in proposals working with those furthest from the labour market and/or where the training is tailored to reflect opportunities in the local employment market and so more likely to result in sustainable outcomes

This will be through £2.5m funding over the next two years. They invite proposals from local collaborations between local authorities and neighbourhood or community organisations to bid by 16 January. Bids should be for new projects or to extend an existing project into another area but not to prop up an existing approach.

Funding would be provided in the form of a direct grant to a local authority during the 2016/17 financial year. We expect that work would start in 2016/17 and continue until the summer of 2018.

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