TRIUMPH OF THE GRASSROOTS is a multi-media documentary, utilising stunning photography, commentary and period music, to showcase over 40 years of charitable and humanitarian work at a ‘grassroots’ level by Afrikans. Those who arrived in Britain from the British Commonwealth, including the Caribbean and the Continent of Africa, during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Afrikans and others were invited by the British government to assist in re-building Britain’s war-torn economy, and in the process, they made invaluable and lasting contributions to British Social History.
Through forty years of photographic evidence, we follow the innovative and creative community development work undertaken by these new comers to Britain, which has had a deep and lasting influence on the host community and has added values to Britain’s existing social structures.

Over four decades, the Vince Hines Foundation, a registered community, education and training charity, based in west London and operating within the general Self-Help Movement, initiated a number of social, artistic and cultural initiatives including education, careers information, advice and guidance, relating to training, community support, musical endeavours, outreach activities and business development, on a solution focus basis.


For yours and other viewers convenience, this documentary can be viewed on YouTube here ‘TRIUMPH OF THE GRASSROOTS’