Help raise awareness of the resources available to carers

to help them make informed decisions about care

About the #CaringAcrossGenerations campaign

A growing number of people are now caring across generations – having caring responsibility for young children or grandchildren and older loved ones.

We polled people with caring responsibilities and found that nine in 10 (92%) felt that choosing care for a loved one is ‘very’ or ‘quite’ stressful – ranking it higher than selling or buying a home and getting divorced.

CQC want people who make care decisions for loved ones to know that our reports and ratings can help them to make informed choices about care. To raise awareness of the resources available to them when choosing adult social care, and to educate them about the standards of care they have a right to expect, we will be launching a multi-channel public engagement campaign on Monday, 17 October.

What We Are Asking From You

We’re asking for a commitment to help raise awareness of the resources available to people who are looking to choose adult social care on behalf of themselves or a loved one. During our launch week, 17 October – 21 October, we’re asking you to support our campaign on your social media channels:

  • Campaign hashtag: #CaringAcrossGenerations
  • CQC Twitter account: @CareQualityComm
  • Suggested Tweets:
    • If you’re #CaringAcrossGenerations @CareQualityComm reports & ratings can help you to choose care for a loved one
    • Share your experiences of choosing care w/ @CareQualityComm #CaringAcrossGenerations https://youtu.be/faYJJwm-PHg
    • Do you care for children and older loved ones? Find out how @CareQualityComm can help #CaringAcrossGenerations
  • Suggested Facebook Post:
    • 92% people feel that choosing the right care for a loved one is a stressful experience. If you care for a loved one and are thinking about care options now or in the future, @CareQualityCommission reports and ratings can help you make informed decisions about care. https://youtu.be/faYJJwm-PHg

You can find more information on our webpage at: www.cqc.org.uk/caringacrossgenerations

You can download campaign graphics, e-newsletter content and other campaign content at this link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7WUWAlSbl15REJVcnMtSTVBQXc