Brexit and beyond, here are four useful Brexit news articles on a sector wide and local level that we hope you will find useful.

Brexit: Community Cohesion

Sobus is shocked and deeply upset by the increased incidents of hate crime across the UK and specifically in Hammersmith and Fulham on the Polish Centre.

Brexit has brought a lot of uncertainty however it is more important than ever that we pull together. Sobus is supporting the #SafetyPins campaign to help protect those being abused as a result of the Brexit Referendum. We understand people’s concerns and underlying fears of the uncertainties we all face now, we urge you to join together to support and value all members of our communities.

Brexit: What it might mean for the VCS

It looks like the UK or most of the UK is going to Brexit and leave the EU and this has heaped even more uncertainty on the voluntary and community sector. It is too early to say if Brexit will be good or bad for the long term prosperity of the UK but the short term impacts are already being felt.

NCVO has written a very useful summary the current situation and the potential longer term effect for the Voluntary and Community Sector. For more information click here.

Brexit: What it might mean for employers

The shock of the outcome of the referendum vote, the ensuing resignations and the impact of the value of shares and the pound make it feel like everything has changed. However nothing changes until after we actually leave the EU and even then the UK government may keep some or all the employment laws the same.

The Guardian has written an article on what would leaving the EU mean for employment rights. For more information click here.

Brexit: EU funding

Sobus wants to get a better understanding of the impact of Brexit on organisations and funding that comes into the borough. We will use the results of the survey to inform our discussions with funders to minimise any future impact on the sector and local residents. Please take 2 minutes to complete a very short survey here.